Tuesday, September 10

Light up your life with Phillips Hue coloured lightbulbs, controlled via your smartphone

BULBS are great at lighting up your home - but when did they last make you smile? However, there is nothing boring about the Phillips Hue lighting system - we’ve never had so much fun with a lightbulb.
 These clever illuminators can be controlled by your smartphone and tablet via the Phillips Hue app. With a simple touch of your finger they can transform your room with any colour of the rainbow. You can even pick a favourite picture from your photo library and the Phillips Hue will mimic the scene.The bulbs can also help protect your house by coming on when you're not home. Timers can be set for certain days and times of the week, and you can turn the lights on and off remotely... That’ll scare the babysitter. Our favourite feature has to be the dimmer mode. If you’ve got young children who aren’t so keen on the dark, the bulb slowly dims to black over a set time. This also works in the morning when the bulb can come on slowly, waking you up for the day ahead.There’s nothing bad to say about the Phillips Hue. they’re easy to set up using your homes Wi-Fi, fun to use, will protect your home and help your kids get to sleep. They are also energy efficient and guaranteed to last for 15,000 hours. The only problem is the price. Three bulbs and the hub to control them will set you back an electrifying £179.99 with extra bulbs costing £49.95 each. However, next time you have a party, you’ll be able to cancel the mobile disco as these multi-coloured lights will help get any dance floor started. Phillips Hue, available from Apple Stores.