Thursday, September 19

PlayStation App for iOS and Android is Sony's answer to SmartGlass, lets you stream mobile games from PS4

Sony took to the stage during the Tokyo Game Show to unveil another innovative add-on it hopes will give it an advantage in the next-generation console battle. The PlayStation App for iOS and Android will connect to a PS4 and as well as turn your smartphone or tablet into a companion device for some games, much like Xbox SmartGlass, it will stream PlayStation Mobile games stored on the console.

These games will therefore be playable on a mobile device on the same network, but stored on the PlayStation 4. As well as save space on your tablet or phone's hard drive, this effectively means that some games that might not be available on iPad, for example, will still be able to be played.#
The app will also be a hub for PlayStation Network information. Through it gamers will be able to chat with other players, see trophy details and accept multiplayer invites. In addition, specific titles could use the application for second screen interaction. It will definitely work with the bundled family entertainment software The Playroom as part of the demo involved Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida drawing a picture of Knack on a smartphone and then swiping it into a mini-game on the PS4 where it turned into a 3D model.
It is not known at the present time if PlayStation App will be available from the launch of the PS4.