Monday, October 21

HTC CEO steps back to focus on fixing smartphone slide - FT

Oct 21 (Reuters) - HTC Corp's chief executive has handed some duties to the company's chairwoman as the smartphone maker struggles to claw back market share from Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, the Financial Times reported.

Galaxy Gear smartwatch now plays nicely with Samsung's Galaxy S4

Galaxy Gear smartwatch now plays nicely with Samsung's Galaxy S4

Samsung's flagship handset can now be used with the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, thanks to its Jelly Bean upgrade.

Jelly Bean update on the Samsung Galaxy S4, checked. Getting the Samsung Galaxy Gear, done. Now all that's left, is to link up Samsung's smartwatch to its flagship Android smartphone, which has received the Android 4.3 upgrade for unlocked devices, and set to roll out in the coming months for others.

Thursday, October 10

Microsoft In Talks with Huawei, Samsung Over Dual-Boot Smartphones and Tablets.

In a bid to boost adoption of Windows Phone and Windows RT operating systems by other hardware vendors, Microsoft Corp. is reportedly offering to install its OSes for free onto devices that come with Google Android. According to the report, Samsung Electronics is indeed working on a dual-boot tablet that will feature both Android and Windows RT.

Wednesday, October 9

The Best Android Games: 12 Must-Play Titles

Screw Apple, you say. You don't need to enter their closed system to taste sweet mobile bliss! Look, you have a perfectly fine Android handset or tablet on your person. It's still wrapped in plastic, even. Once you remove that protective layer, it's Fun City! We've got you covered on games, you non-conformist rebel. Download the ones below onto your device and be proud.

Picture of Samsung flexible screen phone lands. Rumours of Ocober 10th launch

Big news from Samsung it seems that the curved smartphone that has been doing the rounds is imminent. An image of the device have been leaked on Twitter alongside a crescendo of gossip that the phone will be announced on October 10th - that's tomorrow. The rumour has been sparked by the date on the phone.

The iPhone 5S is the most complete smartphone

The iPhone 5S is Apple's best iPhone to date -- and good enough to make VickyFlavo Best In Tech list.

But is it the best smartphone, period? Let's take a look:
Design: There's plenty in the iPhone 5S that's familiar. You're getting the same four-inch screen with the same resolution as the iPhone 5. The new iPhone has the same connector (Lightning port) and similar battery life (10 to 20 hours under normal conditions). The industrial design of the iPhone 5S is also the same as the iPhone 5, save for a few very minor tweaks

Tuesday, October 8

HTC One Max Will Feature Fingerprint Sensor

HTC is prepared to unveil a new, large-screen smartphone as soon as Oct. 15. The device, called the HTC One Max, will have a built-in fingerprint sensor. It's hard to say whether a big screen and fingerprint sensor can help stop HTC's slide into oblivion.

Saturday, October 5

This Android smartphone charger also acts as an anti-virus scanner

As we reported earlier this year, the growing number of malware on smartphones is becoming a growing problem for corporations and consumers alike. While these companies are working to find solutions, an American business has produced a cable which could provide an answer to the dilemma.

Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 mini Telus release, price

Samsung were the first manufacturer to provide mini versions of their flagship smartphones before other companies decided to get in on the action, and now we have news of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 mini TELUS release and price.
The Samsung Galaxy S3 mini has been with us for a while now but the carrier has decided to offer the device along with the newer Galaxy S4 mini to its customers

The Apple team behind the original iPhone recalls its stressful, terrifying development

One day before the anniversary of Steve Jobs' death, The New York Times Magazinehas published a captivating recollection of the terrifyingly stressful two-year development of the first iPhone. The piece is an excerpt from journalist Fred Vogelstein's upcoming book, Dogfight: How Apple and Google Went to War and Started a Revolution, and it includes insight from Andy Grignon, the senior engineer in charge of the radios in the original iPhone, among other former Apple employees

9 apps which have been optimised for Apple’s A7 CPU in the iPhone 5S

Apple's recently released iPhone 5S comes packing an all-new A7 processor. The Apple A7 is a 64-bit, 1.3GHz, ARMv8, dual-core CPU, which makes it twice as fast (according to Apple) as the A6 found in iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C. It's only available with iOS 7, which is the operating system that ships on the iPhone 5S.

HTC One Android 4.3 USA update, release date window

This week a number of our readers in the United States would have seen the Android 4.3 update launch on their HTC One smartphone if they are on Sprint, although other carriers still have to wait. The release date window for Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile has been made clear to ease frustration.

LG Nexus 5 leaks again

The anticipated LG Nexus 5 could well be the device that Android fans are waiting for and is expected to be the pinacle of Android smartphones.
As we get nearer to the launch date of the LG Nexus 5 more leaked images and data are appearing on the web. The latest leaks now come from a member of the MacRumours site who claims to have a new Nexus 5 in his possession and has gone a step further taking photos and providing commentary on the device.

Friday, October 4

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 UK release date detailed..

The Samsung Galaxy Ace range of smartphones has proven to be extremely popular among those looking for a more affordable Android handset that is still jam packed full of features. Now the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 UK release date is detailed months after the handset was officially unveiled

Sony explains how the PS4 will play with Android and iOS

Sony and Microsoft are both going big on the second screen experience for the next gen, and Sony Computer Entertainment Studio President Shuhei Yoshida has explained a little more about what that will entail for the PS4.

LG G2 vs Apple iPhone 5S, solid performers

The LG G2 and iPhone 5S are both recently released smartphones that have received a lot of praise. If you’re about to buy a new smartphone you may be considering one of these, as despite their differences they both have some notable inclusions. Today we’re looking at the LG G2 vs. Apple iPhone 5S.

Samsung’s benchmark rigging proves we need a better way to judge smartphone performance

Samsung is currently under fire for optimizing its newest devices, the Galaxy Note 3, to give it ‘performance gains’ during benchmarking tests. Ars Technica made the discovery, and has a comprehensive account of the difference it made.

HTC One named 'phone of the year' at T3 Gadget Awards

The HTC One smartphone has beaten both the Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 to win phone of the year at the 2013 T3 Gadget Awards.

The HTC One is the Taiwanese company's flagship Android-based phone
The HTC One is the Taiwanese company's flagship Android-based phone

The HTC One also won the T3 Design Award and the coveted Gadget of the Year, as well as being nominated for tech brand of the year.
“It’s been a brilliant night for HTC and the HTC One is deserving winner of three of the biggest awards," said Kieran Alger Editor-in-chief of T3.

A Charger Powers Your Smartphone, Sniffs for Malware

Kaprica’s malware-scanning charger does its job without actually residing on your phone
At the annual Black Hat security conference this summer, researchers demonstrated how it would be possible to add malware to an iPhone by connecting it to a modified charger. Now a mobile security startup is attempting to do the opposite, by selling a charger that can scan your smartphone for malware—and repair it, if necessary—while powering it up.

Sony Reveals New PS4 Companion App For iOS And Android..

If you’re the sort of gamer that needs to keep track of friends, achievements, and updates while on the go, Sony has recently revealed its upcoming companion app for the PlayStation 4 console. The app will make its way onto both iOS and Android and will see a launch alongside the console this November.

Microsoft reportedly wants HTC to add Windows Phone to its Android smartphones

Microsoft allegedly wants HTC to add Windows Phone as an operating system choice for its current Android smartphones, possibly even removing the associated licensing costs to make such an agreement more attractive.

5 Best HTC One Apps

The HTC One is an amazing device. With top of the line specs, speedy performance, and a premium look, it’s hard to believe this phone isn’t more popular. Even though it comes with pretty much everything you need to have a great experience right out of the box, there are some apps people can download to enhance their HTC One experience. So below is a list of the 5 best HTC One apps that will help you have even more fun with the HTC One.

Thursday, October 3

Amazon still working on two smartphones, one with a 3D interface, says new leak..

We’ve been hearing about an Amazon-branded smartphone for more than a year now, however the company has concentrated its hardware efforts on the Kindle Fire tablets, culminating in the new HDX models announced earlier this month. The rumors have continued to spread regarding a phone though, with varying reports arguing about whether the resulting device would be free or not. We’ve even heard talk about Amazon experimenting with 3D technology.

Nokia Lumia 1020 PureView SmartPhone Review

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is Nokia's premium smartphone, and also their top of the range camera phone, featuring a 41 megapixel sensor, Xenon flash, Carl Zeiss f/2.2 lens with optical image stabilisation, a 4.5inch screen, and it is running the Windows smartphone operating system. It is the second Nokia PureView phone to feature a large 41 megapixel sensor, updating the Nokia PureView 808.

More details on Amazon's 3D smartphone emerge

More details have emerged concerning the innovative 3D smartphone Amazon allegedly has in the works.

We've been reporting on the rumours surrounding an Amazon smartphone since the end of 2011, and more recently we've learned that the online retail giant is planning a two-part raid on the smartphone establishment.

Xiaomi outperforms HTC to become fifth most used smartphone brand in China, says TrendForce

While Samsung Electronics and Apple remain the top-2 brands in China, Xiaomi Technology has managed to outperform HTC to take the fifth spot in China's most used smartphone brand ranking, according to the latest market survey conducted by AVANTI, a research division of TrendForce.

White Nokia Lumia 929 press picture leaked to match the black one

Nokia is planning to unveil six new devices during Nokia World in Abu Dahbi on 22 October and one of those is strongly believed to be the Nokia Lumia 929 for Verizon in the US.
A press picture purporting to be of a black version of the Windows Phone 8 handset was leaked at the end of September. Now the same source, @evleaks, has posted at picture of the white variant on his Twitter page.

LG G Flex curved smartphone tipped for November unveiling

On September 24, Samsung revealed that it will be introducing a smartphone with a curved display in the near future, and it seems LG will be doing the same. According to sources who spoke to the folks over atCNET, the handset will probably be named the LG G Flex, offering a six-inch display that is “rounded in” towards the center-most part, tapering out in a gentle curve.

Wednesday, October 2

Nokia Lumia 1020 launches in the Philippines; available from October 11

The Lumia 1020 is slowly launching in numerous markets and the Philippines is the next region waiting in line. The Windows Phone will be available at Nokia and supporting retail stores from October 11th, priced at P35,650 ($820).

Samsung will announce its smartphone with curved display next week

Samsung had confirmed last month and this time we’ve got a timeframe as to when can we expect a curved display smartphone from Samsung. According to JK Shin, co-CEO of Samsung Electronics, they’ll announce curved display smartphone next week.

Apple promises iMessage fails fix for iOS 7

It's not uncommon for frustrating bugs to surface on major OS upgrades, and Apple's iOS 7 is no exception in this department.
The bug in iMessage, which is a free messenger service for iOS users or a typical SMS for non iOS recipients, appears to send but shortly after shows a red exclamation mark indicating that the message did not go through.

HTC One chip needs redesign to avoid infringing Nokia patents and possibly import ban

According to a September 23 preliminary ITC ruling, HTC is infringing on Nokia’s patents with the One, and its construction. The patent refers to transmission and phone call reception enhancement, and last week, Nokia scored a win against HTC in a US court.

HTC One mini review: Downsizing the best Android phone in the market

On paper, the naming of the HTC One mini makes perfect sense. The mini is a mid-to-high-end aluminum-clad smartphone with a 4.3-inch display, designed for those who want a premium device without the massive size that’s often associated with its bigger and faster brother, as well as other Android 'superphones'.

Motorola targets enterprise mobility with TC55 rugged Android smartphone

Motorola Solutions has unveiled a ruggedised device based on Android for the enterprise market that blends the capabilities of a smartphone with those of a traditional enterprise PDA. It also said that the version of Android it runs will be available as an upgrade for existing Motorola devices.

LG Z flexible screen smartphone to launch in October

LG has revealed that it's almost ready to launch the world's first flexible screen smartphone, the LG Z.

It seems as if the next major technical innovation in smartphones - or one of them, at least - is flexible displays that will add strength and portability to these brittle bricks we carry around.
Samsung last week announced that it would be launching a special edition of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with a curved display in October.