Thursday, October 3

Xiaomi outperforms HTC to become fifth most used smartphone brand in China, says TrendForce

While Samsung Electronics and Apple remain the top-2 brands in China, Xiaomi Technology has managed to outperform HTC to take the fifth spot in China's most used smartphone brand ranking, according to the latest market survey conducted by AVANTI, a research division of TrendForce.

TrendForce believes Xiaomi's smartphone sales will greatly affect China's domestic smartphone industry and will exert the most impact on other domestic brands such as Lenovo and ZTE, which produce similarly priced products.
According to TrendForce, more than 60% of surveyed consumers have showed interest in buying Xiaomi's "Red Rice" smartphone due to its high price-performance ratio as well as affordability. Aside from appealing to existing Xiaomi users, the "Red Rice" smartphones have also attracted users of various other smartphone brands. The desire to switch to the "Red Rice" smartphone appears to be the greatest among Lenovo's and ZTE's users, and moderately strong among users of Samsung, Nokia, and Huawei.
Nokia and Huawei fill out the third and fourth positions in the "most used smartphone brand" category in China currently, said the TrendForce.