Sunday, September 8

Verizon HTC One in blue spotted in packaging

As with many newly released smartphones there might be only a couple of colour finishes available at launch, but in the following months we begin to see more choices being added. This is certainly the case with the HTC One and the device has been spotted in blue in its packaging for US carrier Verizon Wireless.
When the HTC One was released back in March it was only available in either Silver of Black colour finishes, but since then the company has added the Glamour Red and the Vivid Blue colour options. So far it hasn’t been officially revealed which regions and carriers will be getting the blue colour option, but the image that you can see on this page courtesy of Android Central clearly shows the device with Verizon Wireless branded packaging. At the beginning of August we first heard about the possibility of a blue version of the HTC One coming to Verizon before some images were then leaked of the device, but this latest image is the clearest indication yet that customers of Verizon will soon have the chance to pick up a blue model. Users of the network had to wait quite a while to get access to the flagship HTC device while other carriers provided the opportunity for their customers to own an HTC One, but currently there is no official word on availability of the new colour option although there have been reports that some Best Buy stores have got stock. SO WHAT DO YOU THINK OF HTC ONE IN VIVID BLUE